About Abigail

I have always cherished my home, whether it's the studio space I share with my husband or the room I shared with my two sisters. My home holds my quiet space and the items I treasure. I am driven to fill my home with beauty--with small items that represent me and my journey, with photos that bring me joy, and most of all, with flowers that help me pause and surrender to the tenderness of nature.

As an introvert, I value the beauty of spaces that feel like home. My home reflects who I am, and reminds me of all my dreams I am constantly working towards. In the flower markets and local fields, I am able to discover the perfectly imperfect flowers that represent the beauty of this world.

Wander and Rose Bloom Co. was never a dream I had growing up, but now I can't imagine life without it. I originally wanted to be a wedding planner, but then I found my true calling with flowers. I found the quiet beauty of my blooms. I ultimately found my voice. I strive to help every loving couple I encounter feel at home on their wedding day. I can give every man or woman the beauty their love deserves. Every person's union should feel like their own home--beautiful, unique, tender, and personal.